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Operation Orka Sortie
Inskip and myself took a hornet flight this morning out of Kuwait. Had a few hiccups, but was a great flight in the end.







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Chris Putney
vAir Commander Australia
vDeputy Chief of Air Force

[Image: HQAF.png][Image: vatwcrest.png][Image: OPERATION%20OKRA.png][Image: pc9_100.png][Image: FA18200hrs.png]
Some great shots there guys, am very much looking forward to getting into some of that OKRA stuff. Big Grin

Not sure on the paraglider though :lol:
We were tasked to destroy a fuel depot.

Here are some shots I managed to get from my flight.

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David Inskip
vSquadron Leader | FCI
v77SQN Pilot

[Image: FA18F_v1SQN_dst.png] [Image: FCI-Patch.png] [Image: Fa18400_2.png] [Image: OKRA.png]
Operation Slipper, Operation Pacific Assist, Tropic Lightning 2011, Red Flag Alaska 2011/12, Black Pepsi 2011, Operation Astute, Free Willy 2011, Operation Deep Freeze 2011/12/13, Exercise Pitch Black 2012, Operation Aslan (UNMISS), Operation Accordion, Operation Okra, Operation Southern Pacific Assist 18

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