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Introduction - Tom Richards - 04-17-2020

FR: RAAFv Executive Team
RE: Saturday Nights in R574

Today, we will be introducing a new event based on gaining activity and experience for all our pilots at RAAFvirtual.org the event will run every Saturday evening from 6:00pm to ENDEX is called. The night will focus on an array for different activity's such as;

  • Air Mobility Activity¬†(Air Drops, Simulated Humanitarian Missions etc)
  • Air to Air Refuelling
  • Search and Rescue Operations
  • Air Combat Operations

What is the R574?

The Romeo 574 is a large section of restricted airspace located on the NSW coast, It is home to many RAAFv activity's such as AVM, A/A Refuelling and much more, the airspace is some of the largest available to the RAAFv and offers a good training space as it is well clear of most airports and a reduced amount of traffic.

I expect that all available pilots will be attending an event such as this as numbers make for great fun, you can fly a range of aircraft such as the F18, KC30,C27J,C17 and many others, this is aimed at getting you comfortable and trained for larger scale operations and exercises with other VSOA's, The mission commanders will change each week and will be open for any member it is expected that you'll be able to plan and coordinate a mission that suits the airframes that will be involved that week.

RE: Introduction - David Love-Brice - 04-17-2020

Good opportunity to get involved...get stuck in! Big Grin

RE: Introduction - Jacob Findlater - 04-17-2020

Awesome to see! Will be getting the dusty hornets out of the sheds for sure...

RE: Introduction - David Love-Brice - 04-17-2020

Who's writing the ATO's for this? Hint, don't look at me! Big Grin