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The Kings Coronation. - Dean Stantin - 07-09-2015

Aussie 328 headed out to the South Pacific with the GOVGEN on board last week. First leg was to Vila for the GG to inspect cyclone reconstruction efforts and then onto Tonga for the coronation of King Tupou VI.

[Image: TI6h99m.jpg]

Short final Rwy 11 NFTF
[Image: GlcC6j1.png]

[Image: ysjX2RT.png]

Due to limited parking in Tonga, we had to ferry to Apia, Samoa for two nights
[Image: JPn3mQY.png]
[Image: cKKsmWX.png]

Loading up back in Tonga
[Image: VdYYiTs.png]
[Image: 1Ozho11.png]

Descending back into Canberra
[Image: 8s2KRny.png]

Little sneaky extra from today's flying, the sunset as we approach FL410.
[Image: MDLJ63U.png]

Re: The Kings Coronation. - David Inskip - 07-12-2015

Really awesome shots there mate. Was wondering what the bird was doing out there